The most popular dishes of Mexico

Mexican food is one of the most diverse in the world, it is considered an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO, consequently, it is common to see that there are foods typical of the cuisine of that country for all tastes, needs, and conditions. Not in vain, no matter if you are intolerant to certain foods, you are vegetarian or you need to lose weight, you will be able to consume Mexican food. This time, we are going to talk about two of the most popular foods in Mexico.

Pozole: Recommended food for post-surgical recovery

Pozole is, in essence, a soup, which has as its main ingredient nixtamalized corn, that is, boiled with water and some quicklime. To this food are added meats, vegetables, and various types of spices according to the region in which they are located, for example, in the state of Guerrero, since cilantro, salsa verde, among others, it is possible to create a green pozole, while, in the central and northern region of the country, chiles are used to make the sauce, red color is achieved.

It is a fairly typical food of the country, which is highly recommended for people who underwent certain medical procedures while they are in the last stages of recovery, this because meat and vegetables are softened when the pozole is being cooked, therefore, it is a soft and easy to digest food.

People who underwent plastic surgery Tijuana that is not too invasive, during the time in which they recover from the wounds of the operation, can eat pozoles, since the nutrients that corn and vegetables have, as well as the proteins of the meat used to prepare this food serve to facilitate the repair of the affected tissues.


Fish to size: Protein and suitable for older adults

This dish is a huachinango fish that is prepared by seasoning it with a red sauce based on guajillo chili, which is not very spicy, and then prepared on the coals, then, it is opened in butterfly. You can add other spices such as oregano, garlic, or pepper, this case is typical of the state of Oaxaca. The fish to the size is usually consumed in the states of the Pacific coast of Mexico since the huachinango is more present in that region.

It is a food with high protein content and low fats, consequently, it is highly recommended for older adults who can not consume red meat, in fact, it is commonly served in many assisted living Mexico for this feature. In the same way, its preparation is simple and does not require too expensive resources, so it is also convenient if you do not have a lot of money.

A dish as special as size fish is also quite convenient for people who prefer white meats since it is prepared in a similar way to how a grilled steak would usually be cooked, therefore, the seasoning that is used makes the taste similar.