The importance of eating after from bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is one intended to reduce the size of the stomach until it is the size of a walnut (gastric bypass) or a banana (gastric sleeve) in order to decrease appetite, as well as the amount of food that a person can consume, this is done to be able to definitively end obesity.

These operations require preparation both before the operating room and recovery and the period after it, and much of this depends on food, unfortunately, not all people who are going to undergo this type of procedure know how to prepare properly to feed after bariatric surgery. That is why today we are going to let you know the importance of food after one of these operations.

Recover the nutrients needed to survive

Food is the means by which the body obtains nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins, however, to what extent does its importance become when it undergoes surgery in which the size of the stomach is reduced? Certainly, this reaches a peak since these procedures are irreversible, therefore, it is necessary to stay in touch with nutritionists who establish a diet for each of the stages that the process lasts.

On the whole, the importance of feeding after undergoing a bariatric operation lies precisely in the fact that thanks to it the body can recover more easily from this type of procedure, since the proteins that help regenerate the muscles cut after the operating room come from the food that is consumed.

People who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery Mexico, the least invasive bariatric operation, reported that they had to consume different diets from each other since it is well known that people’s nutritional requirements depend on various factors such as the comorbidities that someone may have, as well as deficits and surpluses of certain vitamins or minerals.


The key is in the soft diet

Despite the differences between diets, all of them have a common factor: The soft diet, consisting of easily digestible foods such as soups, broths, salads, and others, remains a constant to be able to overcome this type of procedure not only in the recovery period but for the rest of life because the stomach will not have the capacity that it used to have, it is required to consume nutrient-rich and not very heavy foods so that they can be digested properly.

The soft diet is so efficient for the post-operative period, that some doctors who are experts in the application of botox Tijuana have recommended it for their patients, this because eating heavy foods can require a lot of chewing, which can make the procedure be affected given the movements that are made, contrary to when consuming a soft diet, because when chewing, the muscles of the face do not move too much and, therefore, the results that you want to achieve when applying this substance to reduce wrinkles are not affected.