Mexican food that can help you after a medical procedure

Undergoing a medical procedure is something that happens quite regularly in life, either to improve health or in order to have a more attractive image. Physical treatment will always imply a recovery that, depending on how invasive the operation may be, may last more or less time.

It is no secret to anyone that Mexican gastronomy is one of the most complete in the world, proof of this is the recognition granted by UNESCO in 2010, recognizing it as an intangible heritage of humanity, this implies that there are dishes originating from this great nation that can be consumed regardless of people’s tastes or needs.

If you have recently undergone a medical procedure and are in recovery, certainly one of the doubts you have is what to eat during this period, you will expect to find dishes that have an unbeatable flavor and that, at the same time, help you recover. If so, you have come to the right place, because today we will show you two Mexican foods so that you can recover from two different procedures.


Guacamole: Recover soon from a dental procedure

Made with one of the most characteristic products of Mexico, avocado, guacamole is prepared by taking the pulp of this fruit and mixing it with tomato, onion, some coriander and, if desired, a little chili is a preparation that has a high degree of protein because it contains avocado, as well as vitamins and minerals provided by the other ingredients.

It is a particularly convenient meal for those who have undergone any type of dental procedure, that is, one that aims to improve the physical or aesthetic health of the teeth, since it does not require much chewing to be able to be swallowed.

Many dentists in Tijuana recommend their patients to consume this particular food after extractions and root canals so that their tissues can heal more easily and in less time. 


Green and Red Pozoles: The best for an operation on the abdomen

Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup whose main ingredient is a special type of corn, called pozolero corn, as well as different components depending on the region. For example, the red variant of This food has very ripe tomatoes, while the green one contains these fruits, but of that color.

These foods, in both cases, contain chicken, which, due to its high protein content, helps the tissues affected by certain operations to recover more easily.

For example, if you recently underwent a tummy tuck in Tijuana, you can easily get a red pozole to heal better as long as your doctor recommends consuming food a little heavier than a conventional vegetable cream, we guarantee that, apart from that you are going to enjoy the best flavors of regional cuisine, you are going to recover much faster!