Best places to visit in Mexico

Mexico is, without a doubt, a wonderful country, with lush landscapes and paradisiacal beaches that you will enjoy without a doubt, because in them you can find an incredible mixture of history and culture that, in truth, can be incomparable.


Ensenada, the wine route


One of the most interesting points to visit in Mexico is Ensenada, where you can try the wine route, a walk that we recommend you to do and in which you can try all kinds of wines, red and white, with a mineral touch characteristic of the place, in addition, it is a free area with outdoor grills, which have been listed among the best in Latin America. In addition, it has two parks, El Nacional de la Constitución de 1856 and San Pedro Mártir with a unique beauty!


Tijuana, medical tourism


Currently, a special type of tourism has been developed, particularly in Tijuana, although its main attraction was craft beer and its great gastronomic culture, now, there are a lot of clinics specialized particularly in aesthetic treatments.


The Hollywood Smile Mexico has become famous all over the world, so if you are looking to make a trip to Mexico, with which you can not only enjoy the country but also fix your teeth, you can go to this beautiful place!


Also if you want to have plastic surgery in Tijuana it can be really a good idea, because the best specialists in the country are there.


Hidalgo and its wonderful thermals


Hidalgo is a state in the north of Mexico, and without a doubt, it should be on your list because it is called the magical town, thanks to its architecture, it’s a great culture and beautiful landscapes. One of its great attractions is the thermal, hot, and medicinal water pools, and the waterfalls that are on different routes that can help you feel a great connection with nature.


Guadalajara, the birthplace of the Mariachis


If you like this type of music typical of Mexico, you should definitely visit Guadalajara, with delicious regional cuisine, tequila tasting, and Mariachis that meet in its main square both day and night, and that is willing to entertain you with a wonderful serenade of songs without equal.


Oaxaca, World Heritage Site


Of course, if you want to taste the mezcal and mole typical of Mexico, nothing like going to Oaxaca, full of a wonderful amount of places without equal, in the middle of an incredible nature. you will surely love it!


Do not forget to go to Mérida, because this is considered the American jewel of culture, for its offers in art, history, and dances, so you should definitely visit this beautiful city. Guanajuato and Cancun are some of the most traditional and charming cities in Mexico, so you will certainly enjoy them greatly if you visit them.


Of course, you can not forget Mexico City, the capital, with its great commerce, an emblematic place, which you will surely love, enjoy this beautiful country and all that it has to offer you!